Playing Characteristics of Bamboo Headjoints

I find that a little different approach is needed to play a bamboo headjoint/silver Boehm flute combination. The embouchure need to be more relaxed and the throat open especially in the low register. A slower speed of air stream will bring out the natural colors of the bamboo. But putting a lot of air into the headjoint can result in more "bite", if that is desired. I prefer the more open sound like that of the Baroque flute. The scale between registers has a different character than the silver flute and the tone is very focused and round. The low register is dense and powerful. The higher notes are mellow and the tone projects well. A thinned bamboo headjoint with lip plate will achieve a brighter sound and plays lighter and easier. It is easy to play pianissimo and bring out subtle note releases and different shades of colors.

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