A few words from flute players about my headjoints:

there is magic in the flute
found somewhere inside the soul
and released through music into thin air
what can bring it out nobody knows
yet when it sings, we all know it is there,
the real thing, incarnate

april 11, 2009
arlington, Virginia


Nothing like the warmth and bounce of this boxwood head.

Gary Schocker


David Chu makes some of the most unique wood headjoints I've ever played. They feel like they are made by a person with a great understanding of the properties of different woods, as well as an appreciation for the sound of older instruments (among other great things, French flutes such as Louis Lots and traversos). His design is innovative, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to play. I'm very happy with the headjoint he made for me: boxwood with and oval-ish embouchure hole. I'd never seen a boxwood headjoint made for a modern metal flute before David's. It has a distinctively "traversoey" quality and is very full sounding. Can't wait ‘til he makes.....a flute!

Keith Underwood


I recently bought one of David Chu's boxwood wooden headjoints. It is lovely to look at, and plays beautifully.

I have already played it in the New Jersey Symphony, and received very good feedback. It makes a mellow, dark sound and blends easily with winds and strings. It has a fine range of colors, and I look forward to playing it for a very long time.

Bart Feller
Prin. flute, New Jersey Symphony Orchestra
Prin. flute, New York City Opera
Faculty, Pre-College Division, The Juilliard School
Faculty, Rutgers University


Both the Concert and Alto flute headjoints I have, made by David Chu, are of the highest quality and have broadened the tonal range available to me, particularly in the world of session recording. I'm able to offer composers different sounds and tonalities and they are therefore invaluable additions to my flute arsenal.

Andy Findon


I own a fantastic headjoint with a bamboo lipplate made for me by David Chu which I use on my Haynes and Louis Lot flutes. David creates a variety of wood headjoints in a choice of contemporary and traditional styles which capture a wide spectrum of timbre and response. His craftsmanship as a headjoint and flutemaker is comparable to today's finest makers such as Haynes, Sheridan or McKenna.

Alan Weiss,
Artist-in-Residence, William S. Haynes Company


Unlimited possibilities!

True works of art in every detail sculpted in unusual woods. Each one comes alive under David's craftsmanship, possessing and speaking with a unique and appealing palette of colors; impressive dynamic range, purity, subtlety, and nuance, allowing me to experience a natural sense of oneness with the instrument and the music. What every performer seeks! Unlike many modern makers of the day, David has captured the beauty and anatomy of sound reminiscent of the old great master flute makers. Bravo! and thank you David. I can't wait for your wooden flute to be born!

Joseph Trent
New York City Freelance Flutist


I have tried several of David Chu's beautiful to look at and great sounding headjoints. I finally chose a Boxwood for my old Powell which made its maiden voyage with two performances of the Beethoven Serenade. The sound of this headjoint is rich and buoyant and possesses considerable dynamic range. The quality of articulation and tone can easily blend with the strings and yet it stands out beautifully as a leading voice. It is very fun to play.

Thank you, David, for such great work.

Susan Palma-Nidel
Orpheus Chamber Orchestra
Faculty of Columbia University and Montclair State University


I have found the ideal headjoint of the alto flute. It was David Chu’s headjoint. It has a deep, powerful sound and a rich color. It satisfies me with the charm of the alto flute, which Theobald Boehm loved. And, it will realize my wish with the orchestra and the ensemble.

Thank you, David.

Shigeki Tsuruoka
Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra Flutist, Yokohama Japan


I now depend on the accuracy and voicing of David Chu head joints and flutes to enhance my musical performance. Each instrument in every material, hardwoods; metals and bamboo, is a beautifully crafted art-work.

J D Parran


I recently asked David to make me a head joint for a very old Haynes piccolo that I own (which had only a silver head). Since he has an appreciation for the sound of the older instruments I thought it would be fun to see what he came up with. I am so glad I did! Wow!!

Mary Kay Fink
Piccoloist, The Cleveland Orchestra


I have the ongoing rewards of owning a thinned grenadilla head joint made by David Chu. The craftsmanship is impeccable and it is beautiful to behold. I use the head joint with a Rudall and Carte Radcliff system cocuswood flute and I find it to be a continual source of timbral and expressive discoveries. I am so very grateful to David that his experience, skills, insights and love of the flute are manifest in a head joint that I can own. 

Tim Lane


Recently David impeccably overhauled my Powell and suggested I try his custom grenadilla headjoint. I was instantly amazed at the warm, flexible, complex tone I was able to achieve. Owning it has been a life changing experience. Everyday I look forward to exploring the new possibilities that have emerged within my flute playing. Tone, texture, articulation, phrasing have all been enhanced. Simply put, David, with his incredible, artisan skill, has magically increased my passion to excel both as a performer and educator.    

Lance Van Lenten
Associate Professor
Woodwind Department
Berklee College of Music

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