Piccolo Headjoint

This is my grenadilla piccolo headjoint on a silver conical Haynes piccolo. Metal piccolos are not the instrument of choice for orchestral players. Professional wood piccolos possess a sweet quality that is unmatched by most silver instruments. A good handmade silver piccolo, especially the cylindrical bore variety, is very easy to play in the upper register, but the sound characteristics may not be what a trained piccoloist is looking for. With my wood headjoint, a silver piccolo is transformed into a wood piccolo.

It’s unfortunate that handmade metal piccolos such as old Haynes and Powells are things of the past. Almost half of the piccolos produced during Verne Q. Powell’s tenure at Powell were silver piccolos – they were all C piccolos in a mixed of conical and cylindrical configuration. One very early example even has a high G# facilitator! Haynes also manufactured fantastic C and Db silver piccolos. The old cylindrical piccolos play like a little flute up to high C with ease. I also make tapered headjoint for these piccolos. Production is very limited and they are custom made by request.

Occasionally, I have silver conical or cylindrical Haynes or Powell C piccolos available for sale with my wood headjoint. These instruments are overhauled and ready to play. Please email me if you are looking for a piccolo in this combination and I will put you on my waiting list. Trials are welcome.

Flutemaker’s Guild piccolos are gems. This one is a very rare FMG large bore cylindrical silver piccolo with my boxwood headjoint. Only three of these piccolos were made, the other two both have C-feet. This one was made in 1969 with a regular low D.

Stars and Stripes piccolo headjoint, great for Fourth of July.

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