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Please email david at sideblown dot com to order.


Handmade Bamboo Side Blown Flutes (Bindings included on all flutes.)


Add $25 for red lacquered bore (lacquer protects the bore and make the flute a bit brighter), and $10 for shipping per flute. The key is the lowest note of the flute.


Small Side Blown: 8.5" - 11.75"

Keys: F# down to C        



Middle Side Blown: 12.25" - 16.5"

Keys: B down to G#         



Large Side Blown: 17" - 22.5"

 Keys: G down to D#      



Extra Large Side Blown: 23" - 26"

 Keys: D down to B        



Gigantic Side Blown (Large 1" plus bore): 23" - 30"

 Keys: low C to G#     



Monster Side Blown: 35" - 53";

Keys: Low G down  to C below middle C

3 to 6 holes


Add $75 for lip plate (highly recommended!)


Tunable Side Blown with detachable headjoint: 24";

Key: D            



Hand Rubbed Lacquered Bamboo Flutes - Currently out of production.


Handmade Bamboo and Wood Headjoints for Boehm Flutes


Regular Bamboo Headjoint      



Bamboo Headjoint with lip plate



Grenadilla Wood Headjoint with carved lip plate or without lipplate

(also in Cocobolo, Mopani, Boxwood, Western Myall, and Mountain Mahogany)



Baroque Style Boxwood Headjoint without lipplate



Cocuswood Headjoint with carved lip plate

(also in Pink Ivory)



Extra-Thinned Grenadilla Wood Headjoint with carved lip plate

(also in Mopani and Boxwood)



Grenadilla Wood Headjoint for Silver Piccolo



Bamboo or Grenadilla Headjoint for Alto Flute with lip plate



"On Playing the Bamboo Flute" - a small instruction booklet written for people who have no formal music training and wanted to play my bamboo flutes.



Price subject to change without notice.


For more information please e-mail david at sideblown dot com