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Flute Associations, Universities, Organizations

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·         American Musical Instrument Society - all aspects of the history, design, construction, restoration, and usage of musical instruments in all cultures and from all periods.

·         The Bate Collection of Musical Instruments - Flute check list.

·         The Greater Boston Flute Association - Calender, events, members' home pages.

·         British Flute Society - 2008 International Flute Convention, membership info, events, links.

·         The Dayton Miller Flute Collection at the Library Of Congress - Laurent's glass flute, on-line catalog, search engine, measurements and much more.

·         The Finnish Flute Association - Finnish flute maker, members list, links, education program, etc.

·         The Florida Flute Association - Membership, flute fair program, competitions, activities.

·         The Hong Kong Flute Association

·         The Hong Kong Flute Centre where all flute wonders begin

·         Houston Flute Club - Upcoming recitals, master classes, competition, Flute Festival and cool flute and music links.

·         Flute Society of Kentucky - Calender, newsletter, classified, links and more.

·         The Marcel Moyse Society - Dedicated to preserving the legacy of this artist and master teacher.

·         National Flute Association - 4,500-member strong, almost all flute players. Information about membership, competitions, library addendum, etc.

·         The New York Flute Club - List of directors, concerts, NY Flute Fair, newsletter, competition, etc.

·         Ottawa Flute Association - Events, Who's Who, Directory of Flute Teachers, etc.

·         The Pappoutsakis Memorial Fund - The Pappoutsakis competition, winners, history, board members, etc.

·         The Greater Portland Flute Society - Calender, library, newsletter.

·         Seattle Flute Society - Flute Festival, Frank Horsfall History.

·         Flute Society of Washington - Regional flute events, membership, flute links.

·         The Wayne Sorensen Collection of Woodwind Instruments. National Music Museum. A flute by Louis Lot, a Boehm & Mendler and a Cornelius Ward.

Modern Flute Makers

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·         The Abell Flute Company - Modern wooden flute and whistle maker.

·         Akiyama Flutes - Nostalgia for the early 19th century.

·         Altus Flutes - Company background, specialty flutes and accessories.

·         Arista Flutes - Handmade flutes and headjoints in wood, gold and silver.

·         Bertrem Flutes - Handmade Bb, C and Eb flutes, flute repair.

·         Robert Bigio - player and builder of silver, gold, and wood flutes and heads.

·         Boosey & Hawkes - Manufacture and distribution of musical instruments.

·         Brannen Brothers Flutemakers - Manufacturee of flutes.

·         Anton Braun - Wood and silver flutes, wood piccolos.

·         Burkart Flutes & Piccolos - History of company, "Flute Fitness" Video, excerpts from "Complete Guide to the Flute", very informative.

·         Drelinger Headjoint Co. - flute and piccolo headjoints.

·         Emanuel Flutes, Boston - Flute maker.

·         Emerson Flutes & Piccolos

·         Alexander Eppler- Maker of moderately priced flute, wood headjoints, piccolos with C# trill key and C foot and alto flute.

·         Martin Gordon - Headjoints, repair and engraving.

·         Guo Flutes

·         The late Ewen McDougall - flutes and headjoints.

·         Gary Lewis designs and makes new flutes while continuing to study and restore vintage flutes.

·         Gemeinhardt Flutes Web tour of flute factory!

·         Tom Green Flutes - History, products, FAQ's, estimate.

·         Wm. S. Haynes - History, products, news.

·         Jupiter Band Instruments - Flute News, di Medici Flutes, vertical bass flutes.

·         Keefe Piccolo Company - For the piccolo specialist and for those who need to sound like one.

·         Eva Kingma - Alto, bass and contra bass flutes.

·         Tom Lacy Flutes - Unique key mechanism.

·         Lafin Headjoints

·         Jonathan Landell - Flute maker.

·         Lopatin Flute Company - Flute maker.

·         John Lunn - Flute maker, Hands On! flutist healthcare newsletter.

·         Ian McLauchlan - Maker of headjoints for flute & piccolo.

·         McKenna Flutes - Experimental flutes.

·         Matit Flutes - Carbon fiber flutes.

·         Miyazawa flutes and Hammig piccolos.

·         Muramatsu Flutes.

·         Nagahara Flutes.

·         Parmenon Flutes - G# mechanism, resonant B foot .

·         Pearl Flutes/Orpheus Music - Headjoints, model specifications, prices.

·         Verne Q. Powell Flutes, Inc. - Catalog, factory tour, new products.

·         Howel Roberts - Wood flutes and headjoints in grenadilla, cocobolo, cocuswood and eller boxwood.

·         Sankyo Flutes - History, catalog, flute d'amore.

·         Selmer Flutes

·         Dana Sheridan - Prices, flutes and headjoints.

·         Slomka and Mandrini - Wood flutes and headjoints.

·         Eldred Spell - Maker of piccolo headjoints.

·         Straubinger Flutes, Inc. - Pad FAQ's, prices, links.

·         Williams Flutes - Flutejazz, brochure, pricing, etc.

·         Yamaha Flutes

Commercial Flute Sites

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·         All Flute Plus - Instruments, sheet music, CD's, accessories, etc.

·         Atelier korri - Flute sales and expert service. Picture of Elaine Shaffer.

·         Tony Bingham - All sorts of old, rare and unusual musical instruments.

·         Cincinnati Flute Works - New and used instruments, repair services, clinics, etc.

·         Dagan Fluitatelier in The Netherlands - Auction, second hand flutes, prices, list of flute teachers.

·         Flutacious - New and used handmade flutes, insurance info, appraisals.

·         Flute Center of New York - New and used professional and vintage flutes.

·         Flute Company - Flute boutique features an informative guide to flute care, maintenance, repertoire, technique, and more.

·         Flute Finders - Buys and sells professional instruments.

·         Flute Lover's Emporium - Flute gifts.

·         Flute Market - buying, selling and consigning flutes, flute lessons.

·         Flute Network - Classified listing, buying and selling instruments, list of stolen instruments, repair services, etc.

·         The Flute Pro Shop - New and previously owned instruments, services and accessories.

·         Flute Specialists - Robert Johnson, technical director, chief repair technician, appraisals.

·         la flute Traversiere in Paris - Headjoints by Salvatore Faulisi, sales, repair.

·         Flutes Online - New & used flutes, handmade flute jewelry, accessories, etc.

·         Flutewise Magazine - Sample articles.

·         Flute World - Flute sheet music and CD catalogs, new flutes prices, consignment flutes and headjoints, repair services.

·         Inspector's Gadgets - Dean Yang, Muramatsu, Emanuel, Little Piper, Just Flute, flute classified ads.

·         International Musical Suppliers - On-line catalog, clinics, repair, hand selection of flutes and piccolos.

·         Just Flutes - British flute specialists, printed music.

·         Lombardo Music Publications - Arrangements & compositions for flute and flute choir.

·         John Myatt - Woodwind and brass instruments. Catalog and price list.

·         David and Nina Shorey - Antique flutes.

·         J.L. Smith - New & used flutes, headjoints, flute accessories, etc.

·         Sweetheart Flute Co. - Maker of flutes, fifes, flageolettes, tabor pipes, whistles.

·         Syrinx - Hong Kong Flute Workshop.

·         Topwind - Instruments, CD catalog, sheet music, repairs, magazine, etc.

·         JB Weissman Music Company - Wide selection of professional and student model flutes.

·         Wichita Band Instrument Co. - Kansas music store.

·         Winds101 - High quality flutes at wholesale prices.

·         Wind World - Explore the world of wind instruments. The Woodwind Quarterly, books, plans, tools and supply catalog, wind instrument research and much more.

·         Windplayer Magazine - Instrument classified ads, articles, wind players profiles, manufacturer listing, new products.

·         Woodwind and Brasswind - On-line shopping, Natsuki, Emerson, Moennig flutes and pricing.

·         The Woodwind Group - Austrialian flute dealer.

Repair, Maintenance and Supplies

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·         Altieri Bags - Musical instrument bags.

·         Cavallaro Case Covers - price list, how to make a tracing, ordering, etc.

·         Andrew Crawford - Musical instrument cases.

·         Doctor Syntek - Key oil, bore oil and cork grease.

·         Ferree's Tools - Specializes in making quality band instrument repair tools and stocking supplies and accessories for band instrument technicians.

·         Alberto Grossi Woodwinds - Professional instrument repair for flutes, oboes and clarinets.

·         Paul Harrington's repair business.

·         Roger Holman Enterprises - the original piccolo flag home page

·         Helen Kavanagh Woodwind & Brass - Wind instrument repair in UK.

·         Lori Lee - Flute repair in San Francisco

·         Nahok Flute Case Cover - German fabric, very well made and cool design with bright colors.

·         Northwind Cases – French cases for flute and piccolos.

·         Carolyn Nussbaum - Service & repair, flute accessories, classified ads.

·         Anne Pollack - master flute technician, flute consignment and sales.

·         Ellen Ramsey Flutes - Flute repair in Denver, Colorado, consignment and sales.

·         Brian Powley Flute Engraving

·         Jims Schmidt's new invention JS pads - descriptions, installation tips, pricing.

·         Music Traders - Instrument repair, directory of music industry, classifieds.

·         Wirkkala Designs - Case covers, flute bags.


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·         Joachim Andersen - The Infography about Joachim Andersen (1847-1909).

·         Julius Baker- CD's, bio, events, exercise book.

·         William Bennett- Discography, articles on Rampal and Dufrene.

·         Emily Beynon - Repetoire, CD's, bio, reviews.

·         Bob Chadwick - Multi-flute flutist in Houston, TX.

·         Paul Cheneour - Flautist/Composer.

·         Claudia's Flute Page - Incredible resources on flute players, music, books and much more.

·         Andy Findon's home page

·         Bart Feller - Principal Flute of the New Jersey Symphony and the New York City Opera, Mozart Flute Quartet project, Elysian Fields, audio samples.

·         James Galway's home page

·         Patrick Gallois - Bio, discs, photos.

·         Stefan Hosduldsson - Principal Flute of the Met, audio and video clips.

·         Ron Korb - Information on the music and career of Bamboo flutist Ron Korb.

·         Larry W. Krantz - Very interesting flute subjects, Lot, Gilbert, books, list of stolen flutes and more.

·         Larry W. Krantz - Stolen flute list.

·         Carla Rees' home page. Rarescale - Promoting new music for alto flute.

·         Ruth Ann McClain's Flute Connection.

·         John Rayworth's home page. Flutes and MGB's. Pictures of Rudall Carte wood flute with close up of its oval embourchure.

·         Joseph Wilds Sallenger's Favorite Flutes - Pictures of flutes by Berteling, RRC, Rive, Conn, Bettoney, etc.

·         Gary Schocker - Compositions, interview, bio, program notes.

·         Mark Shepard's home page - how to make a PVC pipe flute, storytelling.

·         Andrew Sterman - Old french flutes, teaching studio.

·         Alexa Still - Recordings, photos and sound productions.

·         Keith Underwood - Maserclasses, muscle of the face.

·         Alan Weiss - Sample recordings, reviews, performances and reviews.

·         Henrik Wiese's Home page.

·         Ransom Wilson - Concert schedules, recordings, master classes.

·         Rick Wilson's Historic Flutes page.

·         John Wion's Home page

·         Trevor Wye's Home page

Baroque Flutes

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·         Fridtjof Aurin - Transverse Flutes.

·         Jean-Francois Beaudin - Modern baroque flutemaker, flute plans.

·         Boaz Berney - Historic Flutes.

·         Stefan Beck - Baroque flutemaker and more.

·         The Early Music Shop - Folk and early musical instruments, new and used, catalog and price list.

·         Thomas.Fehr - Baroque flutemaker.

·         Folkers & Powell - Excellent early music site and flute makers.

·         Historical Woodwinds - maker of renaissance and baroque recorders and of baroque flutes.

·         von Huene Workshop, Inc. - John Solum recorded on one of his replicas.

·         Lar's Baroque Corner - Fingering charts and flute care.

·         Peter Noy - Restorations & Repairs. Fine craftsman in woodwinds. Wooden Boehm headjoints and crowns.

·         Original Flutes - Flute collection of Michael Lynn.

·         Simon Polak - Early flutes.

·         Claire Soubeyran - Flutes from Hotteterre to ring keyed Louis Lot.

·         R. Tutz - Remakes, repairs, restoration, custom solutions.

·         Prescott Workshop is devoted to making copies of historical woodwinds of the finest possible quality.

Irish Flutes

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·         Bleazey - Wooden Flutes, hand made by P.G. Bleazey

·         Burke Whistles - Aluminum, brass and comoposite whistles.

·         Casey Burns - Wind instrument maker, Irish flutemaker.

·         Chiff & Fipple - The ultimate guild to tin whistle.

·         Forbes Flutes - Delrin flutes.

·         A Guide to the Irish Flute - Long list of wooden flutemakers.

·         Skip Healy - Flutes, fifes, and piccolos in wood and sterling silver.

·         Mark Hoza's Kything Flutes - Maker of Irish style flutes and wooden headjoints.

·         KiwiCelt Wooden Flutes - Simply beautiful instruments.

·         M & E Flutes - Irish style flutes in durable polymer materials by Michael Cronnolly.

·         Terry MeGee's flute catalog.

·         Desi Seery - Keyless flute machined from tough Dupont Delrin acetal resin.

·         Doug Tipple's PVC Irish flutes - Fingering chart, Dizi, buyer's guide and makng simple Irish flutes.

·         Paddy Ward Flutes - Flutes in African Blackwood, Mopane and Boxwood.

·         Chris Wilke's flute page. Beautiful pictures.

·         Windward Flutes - Pratten Sessions Flute in D or Eb.

·         Wooden Flutes - site on Irish Flutes, books, links, building, playing, listening.

Shakuhachi Flutes, Bamboo Flutes, Bansuri and Other Flutes

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·         2 Measures at a time - 2 Measures programs for the Dizi.

·         Aquarian Survival Flutes - Hand-crafted by C. Michael Smith from a recycled and specially molded high-impact polypropylene.

·         Bamboo Music/Mujitsu Shakuhachi - Ken LaCosse, shakuhachi maker.

·         Cloud Hands Music - Bamboo flutes and shakuhachi by Peter Ross, Kobayashi Ichijo, Tom Deaver and Kimura Kanzan.

·         Ceramic flutes and whistles - Unique ceramic instruments made by N. California musician Barry Hall.

·         Fujara Flutes - Hand crafted flutes, double flutes, beautiful gallery.

·         Hall Crystal Flutes - "Pyrex" glass aboriginal instruments.

·         Japanese flutes - Wealth of information on the Japanese flute and interesting links.

·         Kolbe Flutes - Flute maker Michael Howard.

·         Mejiro, Inc. - Tokyo store devoted to Shakuhachi, Shinobue, and tools for making flutes.

·         David Philipson's home page - Bansuri player, many useful India related links.

·         Sound Creations - Handmade folk instruments including bamboo flutes and shakuhachi.

·         Sunreed Instruments - Bamboo flutes and saxophones.

·         Tai Hei Shakuhachi Flutes - Maker. Great Shakuhachi source and links.

·         Jeff Whittier - Master Bansuri Craftsman.

Native American Flutes

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·         Coyote Clay- Native American Flutemaker, many flute pictures.

·         Heartsong Flutes - Native American flutes and carvings

·         Flutes from Coyote Oldman


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·         African Blakcwood Conservation Project - all about grenadilla.

·         The American Bamboo Society - Bamboo resources on the Internet.

·         Back Woods Home Magazine - Here's how to make a musical bamboo flute .

·         Arthur Benade's research files. The John W. Coltman Archive.

·         Carousel Publications - Flutes from around the world.

·         Classical Net - Mr. Dave Lampson's contirbution to music lovers.

·         Flute Acoustics - Understanding the flute.

·         Flute Fingerings Guide - 400 plus flute fingerings.

·         Flute.tk - Flute portal with many links.

·         How to make your own flute - Craft manuals & books.

·         The Italian Music Home Page - Very extensive music resources, libraries, instrument makers, etc.

·         Lark In The Morning - Huge musical instrument catalog. An ocassional Lot flute.

·         Muramatsu's CD corner. Quite a few flute CD's.

·         Neanderthal Flute - Oldest known musical Instrument.

·         University of New South Wales - Music acoustics, virtual flute, fingerings.

Flute Mailing Lists, Discussion Groups

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·         FLUTE: listserv@listserv.syr.edu.

·         Flute discussion groups on Yahoo.

·         Louis Lot discussion group.

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